Our Mission

Our MISSION is to guide you into REMISSION.

Our Story

Welcome to Remission Nutrition, a plant based meal prep company that was grown straight from the heart.  After losing my only sister to stage 4 colon cancer at the young age of 23, I decided to make it my mission to help others live their healthiest life.  Our goal is to guide you and provide you with the most nutritious meals to support your fight toward remission.


Anthony Florio

Owner & CEO


On June 3rd, 2020 I lost my younger brother, Elliott, who was only 27, to an aggressive form of Leukemia (AML) brought on by what Doctors speculate was the excessive radiation to which he was exposed being Active Duty in the Air Force.  Elliott’s dream was to help people when he was done serving his Country and while he may not be here to do that the way he planned, I was and am so inspired by his fight and sheer strength of will, that I have made it my mission to carry on his legacy and to help anyone else in need to “Fight Like A Boss”.  I can truly say I know what it means to be forever changed by pain, but I also know how important hope, strength and support are in fighting and surviving all aspects of being a patient, a survivor, a family member and a friend.  I am honored to partner with Anthony and to help bring Remission Nutrition to more people and more families as it is not only our mission to guide you into Remission, but also our wholehearted belief that no one has to fight alone.

Cheryl Goff

Co-Owner & COO

The Remission Rinse

Take some R & R knowing that Remission Nutrition’s produce all goes through a baking soda soak and complete rinse, to better eliminate pesticides.

Most of the pesticides on the USDA organic national list of allowed substances are natural in origin. Conventional farmers are allowed to use 900 different synthetic pesticides. But organic farmers are allowed to use only 25 synthetic pesticides – and then only in carefully regulated ways.

To learn more about how effective this process is please click here.

Remission Nutrition